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Year: 2016

Original Title: Cézanne et moi

Country: France

Length: 114 minutes

Budget: $11,300

Genre: Drama, Biography

Studios: Pathé, Orange Studios

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: April 14 2017

United States: March 31 2017


Ranking: 1,060 out of 12,387 movies (up 730)


5.0 by 4 media


'Cezanne and I' is a biographical French drama based on the close friendship between the 19th century novelist Émile Zola and painter Paul Cézanne. The film is written and directed by Daniéle Thompson, and is set in 1888, telling the story of the close friendship of Cézanne and Zola whilst also depicting the social differences between the two. It is a story of two very different, but two very similar friends who have shared many memories. They left their town for Paris and quickly became part of the art culture of the city as they hung out in the same places and even slept with the same women. The movie is produced by Albert Koski and is distributed by Magnolia Pictures. The cast includes actors such as Guillaume Gallienne, Guillaume Canet, Alice Pol and Déborah François.


Cast Cézanne and I

Guillaume Canet

Emile Zola

Guillaume Gallienne

Paul Cézanne

Déborah François

Hortense Cézanne

Félicien Juttner

Guy de Maupassant

Alice Pol

Alexandra Zola

Freya Mavor