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Title: 24

Original Title: 24

Year: 2016


Release Dates

  • UK: May 06 2016


Vikram K. Kumar directs and writes this new action and science fiction film counting with Indian film stars like Surya, on triple role. The story focuses on a great scientist who manages to make the discovery of his life: time travel. Through the creation of a device can perform time travel, the object itself is called a clock 24 and must be protected from those who want to use it for evil purposes. One of the people behind the coveted object is Aathreya, evil brother of the creator who plans to get it regardless. After a few years, the creator of the clock has passed his invention to his own son, later, Aathreya kills the scientist and his wife, traveling time to find his nephew, kill him and get the clock to try to conquer the world.



Vikram K. Kumar Vikram K. Kumar


'24' Trailer 2:10

'24' Trailer

May 2 2016




The development of this film dates back to 2009, where the film was to feature actors Vikram and Ileana D'Cruz in lead roles. However, in February 2010, the film was dropped due to difference in opinions between director, producer and actor.

In '24' movie, Suriya is doing a triple role for the first time.

In an interview with The Hindu, Suriya told that recording of one more track was completed by September 2015. According to lyricist Madhan Karky, for the track "Naan Un", Rahman had composed a tune and wanted him to write something. He came up with the lines - "Naan Un Azhaginile Deivam Unarugiren". Rahman usually reads something for inspiration before composing the tunes and for this particular situation of composing the track, he had picked up a random page from a book and the lines he read there were: "In your beauty I see the manifestation of God" which translates back to "Naan Un Azhaginile Deivam Unarugiren". Karky noted this co-incidence on composing the track

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