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A movie so simple, so elegant, and yet so devouringly empathetic that you might not notice its full magic until a few hours later.

Read review Jessica Kiang
El Mundo

Haigh manages an almost merciless honesty to compose a drama without melodrama; a drama in which each shot is filmed in such a sincere way and in such detail that can go beyond the surface, with all the simplicity of the world, reaching depths.

Read review Luis Martínez

Anchored by a sensational Charlotte Rampling as its lead, the movie combines Haigh's perceptive style with shades of Mike Leigh's "Another Year" to create a quietly moving and deceptively tragic look at aging romance haunted by past mysteries.

Read review Eric Kohn

Both Charlotte Rampling's face as the film that Haigh has created about Tom Courtenay are a clear display of feelings that slowly and gradually explode, so simply and elegant at first maybe, or maybe not, whatever understand the magnitude of their devastating effects.

Read review Nanda Salvá

Full of restraint, from both its director and leads, this is a quiet gem with the power to move.

Read review Ian Freer
The Telegraph

Charlotte Rampling has never been better (...) This story is about whether secrets can be survived, whether the knowing or not knowing is more injurious. Haigh?s very fine, classically modulated film keeps these questions alive until literally its last shot, and lets them jangle their way through you for days afterwards.

Read review Tim Robey
Entertainment Weekly

Courtenay is a gruff and gratifyingly knotty presence, but in the end it?s Rampling?s movie. In a quiet, beautifully calibrated performance completely stripped of actressy tricks, she?s a revelation.

Read review Leah Greenblatt
El País

'45 Years' tells how a ghost is installed in the peaceful life of a elderly couple: an ill-fated love whose unexpected event will infect everything (...) Beautiful film, no detail that is not full of meaning.

Read review Jordi Costa

Charlotte Rampling portrays a woman checking how easy it is to balance the precarious marriage collapses, her routines and immense sadness locked in a prehistoric silence, confirmed as a monumental actress

Read review Sergi Sánchez

Modestly paced, carefully composed and emotionally curbed though it may be, ?45 Years? is permitted a major element of dramatic underpinning

Read review Charles Gant