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'47 Meters Down: Uncaged' trivia and fun facts

Better than expected The first instalment of this franchise nearly ended being a direct to video product. However, the profitability achieved in theaters made the production of this sequel possible. '47 meters down' transformed 5 million dollars in 62.
Bad coordination Dimension Films was the DVD distribution company for this films, but Entertainment Studios bought the rights with plans for a theatrical release. However, some of the DVD of 'In the deep' (first title of the film) had already been sold, making the film illegally accesible on the internet.
Like fathers, like daughters Two daughters of famous actors have a part in this film. Corine Foxx (Sasha) is Jamie Foxx's daughter and Sistine Stallone (Nicole) is Sylvester Stallone's daughter.
Life Aquatic The actresses had to act inside a water tank for weeks. They couldn't breathe and listen to each other at the same time because of the oxygen masks. Eating was heavily scheduled to avoid digestive problems; this, along with the constant exercise, left them exhausted every day.
Bad jokes Although the sharks in the film were added digitally, a mechanical shark was used to make acting easier. It was also used for other purposes. Brianne Tju was heavily scared after finding the shark, that had been hidden by the crew inside one of the set caves.