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A Hologram for the King's user reviews

Chicago Sun-Times

A beautiful and eccentric waking dream (...) This is quite simply a beautiful film to behold.

Read review Richard Roeper
The Hollywood Reporter

Though it isn't without its awkward missteps, the movie generally finds Tom Tykwer back in form after the muddled mess of 'Cloud Atlas'.

Read review Sheri Linden
The Guardian

A meandering mess of half-baked storylines that amount to little. Hanks's affable presence keeps it all afloat.

Read review Nigel M. Smith
New York Times

It takes an actor with the finesse of Tom Hanks to turn a story of confusion, perplexity, frustration and panic into an agreeably uncomfortable comedy.

Read review Stephen Holden
The Washington Post

It's that rare fish-out-of-water story in which the fish miraculously manages to stop needing water, and learns to crave air instead.

Read review Ann Hornaday
Los Angeles Times

'A Hologram for the King' is a baffling film (...) The problem is not that anything on screen is troubling, it's that nothing there, not even star Tom Hanks, is capable of holding our interest or attention for very long.

Read review Kenneth Turan