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A Woman's Life's user reviews


?'A Woman?s Life' has the kind of majesty found not in the grand gesture but the modest detail, the kind that accumulates resonance with each seemingly minor event until the picture of a character becomes as complete as a painting by Ingres."

Read review Jay Weissberg
El Mundo

"The woman director repairs to provide for a comedy so extravagant as existentially painful."

Read review Luis Martínez
Screen Daily

"Judith Chemla is a perfect choice for the lead, whether she is exuding happy expectancy from life as a young girl, stubbornly standing by her hopelessly spoiled brat when she shouldn?t, or gradually losing her mind towards the end."

Read review Dan Fainaru
Los Angeles Times

"'Life is never as good or as bad as you think,' a character notes at a key moment, and ?A Woman?s Life? seems to have absorbed this truth into every frame. [...] A Woman?s Life' is a bracing reminder that our experiences are often shaped less by what we achieve than by what we endure."

Read review Justin Chang

"In that way Brize constructs a impressionist collage as beautiful by outside as bitter by inside."

Read review Andrea G. Bermejo
The A.V. Club

"Chemla has a sharp, striking profile, but her performance as Jeanne is unproductively opaque.[...] A great writer like De Maupassant can create dramatic texture from such circumstances by delving deep into the protagonist?s head."

Read review Mike D'Angelo