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'After' trivia and fun facts

The story's origin The original plot for 'After', written by Anna Todd, emerged on the storytelling web "Wattpad" as a fan-fiction between Tessa Young and "One Direction's" band ex-member Harry Styles.
After saga The books from 'After' contains four more books.
A billion The original trilogy from 'After' has more than a billion views on the web Wattpad
Wuthering Heights The copie of 'Wuthering Heights' that Hardin Scott has belongs to Anna Todd, which she have had since she was a teenager.
Main character Tessa (Josephine Langford) appears in all of the scenes of the film.
time is running Josephine Langford had only had a week to prepare her role as Tessa. Thus, she had to read the books and the script in a plane travel.
Movie rights movements The movie rights were sold in the first place to Paramount. Although, Anna Todd wanted more freedom to adapt his movie, so the rights were given back and then sold to Aviron.