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Alice Through the Looking Glass's user reviews


Bobin, good pupil, has emphasized even more in the boundless imagination, in gaudy colors, in the inflated special effects and everything you would expect from a film that is overflowing on all four sides.

Read review José Manuel Cuéllar
Entertainment Weekly

For better or worse, Looking Glass loses none of the first film?s muchness, with Bobin mimicking both his predecessor?s wildly saturated style and his general disregard for plot and substance.

Read review Leah Greenblatt
New York Post

You certainly get your 20 bucks worth of spectacle out of Alice Through the Looking Glass. So breathtaking are the landscapes, so whimsical are the creatures, so marvelous are the marvels that I wanted to give a standing ovation to whoever signed the check to pay for all this. Expensiver and expensiver!

Read review Kyle Smith
Time Out

The film?s pace barely leaves you time to think ? blink and you?ll lose the plot. But there?s plenty of imagination here to honour the spirit of Carroll?s topsy-turvy tales, even if the emotional resolutions are of a distinctly twenty-first-century sort.

Read review Dave Calhoun
El País

The proposal serves as delusional and dynamic children's adventure, but does nothing to tame the freest fragmentary nature of the original literary (...) However, Bobin is more prudent than Burton and puddled less.

Read review Jordi Costa

Twist with the characters, with moral included.

Read review Diario Clarín

James Bobin doubles the crazy bet Tim Burton's 3D hallucinated and psychedelic colors.

Read review Andrea G. Bermejo
The Telegraph

The whole business, this time, is passable eye candy without being any kind of brain candy.

Read review Tim Robey

Wasikowska gives it her all, and Cohen shines, but while this is a better film than the first, that was a low bar to reach.

Read review Andrew Lowry
The A.V. Club

It?s briskly paced and sometimes neat to watch in reality-bending 3-D, but none of it is quite as head-spinning as it should be. The movie doesn?t dare alienate its family base with genuine trippiness; instead, it pacifies with tedious familial backstory.

Read review Jesse Hassenger