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Angel has fallen poster


Year: 2018
Original Title: Angel has fallen
Length: 100 minutes
Studios: Millennium Films
Distributor: Lionsgate
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Release Dates

United States: August 23 2019


Ranking: 598 out of 15,301 movies (up 409)


'Angel has fallen' is the third film of the saga which begun back in 2013 with 'Olympus has fallen', and continued three years later with 'London has fallen' (2016). It tells the story of the terrorist called Mike Banning. Quite suspicious taking into account that that name was related in the previous movies with a Secret Service' agent. Also, we can wait for some link between the film and the Air Force One because Angel is the word used by the American Army to identify the Presidential Plane. The role will be starred by Gerard Butler who also will participate as producer near to Millennium Film. The film, which should be released on 2018, will count again with Morgan freeman as Allan Trumbull.


Cast Angel has fallen

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Allan Trumbull

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

Mike Banning

Tim Blake Nelson

Tim Blake Nelson

Vice President Kirby

Danny Huston

Danny Huston

Wade Jennings



Trivia Angel has fallen

After 'Olympus has fallen' (2013) and 'London has fallen' (2016), Angel has fallen turns this series into a trilogy. Aaron Eckhart who played as Benjamin Asher in the other two movies won't be in Angel has fallen "Angel" is the word used for the American Army for the Air Force One, the presidential plane