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Ash Is Purest White's user reviews

The Hollywood Reporter

"The performances of the two leads are riveting".

Read review David Rooney

"The work has its intellectually ponderous moments but is ultimately saved by Jia?s muse and wife, Zhao Tao, who surpasses herself in a role of mesmerizing complexity".

Read review Maggie Lee

"It?s a movie that often feels like a mega-mix of Jia?s greatest hits, but one that rehashes them with precious little of the ineffable grace that make each of them so valuable on their own".

Read review David Ehrlich
The Guardian

"What does the ending of Ash Is Purest White mean ? and what does its middle or beginning mean? I?m not sure. It feels like a gripping parable for the vanity of human wishes, and another impassioned portrait of national malaise".

Read review Peter Bradshaw

It reflects the transition Jia's cinema has experienced through the years (...). And, despite it, it's different: funnier, stranger, more worrisome and, maybe, more transcendent.

Read review Nando Salvá
El País

Jia Zhang-Ke has been telling that his country is in trouble over a decade (...) Sometimes he has written this disturbing landscape generating some interest. But it's very poor in the very long and monotonous 'Ash Is Purest White'.

Read review Carlos Boyero