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Year: 2020
Original Title: Barbie
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure
Studios: Imagenation Abu Dhabi FZ

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United States:


Ranking: 5,370 out of 14,821 movies (up 1187)


New film about Barbies, the dolls created by Ruth Handler in 1959, have now been brought to the big screen more than thirty times. Unlike most existing movies, 'Barbie' shows dolls as real, flesh and blood people, rather than simply animated characters.. The character of Barbie will use her personal and professional skills to step into the lives of others and improve them, almost like a modern Mary Poppins."For the first time in his career Diablo Cody ('Juno', 'Young Adult', 'Ricki') wrote the script.


Cast Barbie


Trivia Barbie

Amy Schumer was cast in the lead role, but she dropped out of the project due to scheduling conflicts in March 2017.