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Based on a True Story's user reviews

The Hollywood Reporter

There are multiple levels on which to enjoy Roman Polanski?s Based on a True Story none of them very deep or complicated. But together they raise the resonance of a masterfully made psychological thriller in the traditional mode.

Read review Deborah Young
The Guardian

This is a movie which begins with confidence and style, wearing its influences pretty insouciantly; the film sashays about the screen with a kind of sexy-chic smirk, like the unvarying facial expression of its co-lead Eva Green. But it wobbles at the brink of plot-holes which undermine the vital realistic plausibility of a film like this.

Read review Peter Bradshaw

The director's team-up with Olivier Assayas on this persona-swap psychological thriller is not as exciting as it sounds, but could please some long-time fans

Read review Tommaso Tocci

Although the screenplay contains all the beats needed to generate tension, Olivier Assayas? gift for conveying information between the lines is almost entirely lost on Polanski, who doesn?t give his actresses the opportunity to flesh out the subtext of their most awkward interactions.

Read review Peter Debruge