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'Bird Box' trivia and fun facts

'Bird Box' challenge The film sparked a trend of people trying to travel a distance while blindfolded, both indoors and outdoors. When videos started appearing on social media of people bumping into objects and hurting themselves, Netflix issued a statement to discourage viewers from taking what was known as the "Bird Box challenge."
Be my sister Sandra Bullock personally asked Sarah Paulson to play her sister in the film.
Green man with baby face In a December 21, 2018 interview with "Bloody Disgusting," it was mentioned that the producers wanted the creatures to appear at some point. They even designed a creature and shot a scene with one. Sandra Bullock described the creature as "a green man with a horrific baby face." It was discarded because it made the scene funny.
26 years older A relationship forms between Malorie and Tom. While films and television more commonly pair older men with younger women, in this case, Sandra Bullock is 26 years older than her on-screen beau Trevante Rhodes.