Blair Witch

Blair Witch
Poster Blair Witch

Title: Blair Witch

Original Title: Blair Witch

Year: 2016


Release Dates

  • UK: September 15 2016
  • United States: September 16 2016


Adam Wingard directs the second sequel to 'Blair Witch Project'. Originally it was announced as 'The Woods', with the intention to keep the project secret. The script was written by Simon Barrett. The film focuses on a group of students who choose to enter the Black Hills Forest in Maryland. The reason is the search for the sister of James Donahue, Heather, main character of the first installment. Young people begin to experience paranormal phenomena, making their expedition in their worst nightmare. Little by little they will discover the mysteries surrounding the famous legend of the Blair Witch. They will find that a strange presence in the forest and they are not alone. The group will have to find a way to survive, ensuring that the rumors about the Blair Witch are true.



Adam Wingard Adam Wingard


'Blair Witch' Trailer #2 1:53

'Blair Witch' Trailer #2

August 25 2016

'Blair Witch' trailer 2:01

'Blair Witch' trailer

July 23 2016


Blair Witch
Blair Witch
Blair Witch
Blair Witch
Blair Witch
Blair Witch
Blair Witch
Blair Witch


'The Shining'

The first 25 seconds of the teaser trailer reminds us the opening to 'The Shining', and it is Adam Wingard's favourite movie of all time.

Faux Title

Originally under the faux-title 'The Woods' which was revealed as the third 'Blair Witch' movie at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con.

Cornwall Village

One of the film locations was Cornwall Village, Connecticut.

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