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City of Ghosts's user reviews

Entertainment Weekly

'City of Ghosts' shows us what journalism can do in the face of evil. Its message is haunting, humane, and ultimately hopeful.

Read review Chris Nashawaty
Roger Ebert

One of the most interesting aspects of 'City of Ghosts' is how important production values are to a cause.

Read review Brian Tallerico
The Hollywood Reporter

So Heineman offers up a double portrait of devastation, of a truly destroyed city and of partially decimated survivors, leaving the viewer with an empathetic sense of deep sorrow.

Read review Todd McCarthy
The Playlist

The experience of watching 'City of Ghosts' is similar to ?Cartel Land? in that you remain wide-eyed, jaw dropped the entire time, letting out involuntary yelps and gasps here and there.

Read review Katie Walsh

What 'City of Ghosts' does best is to humanize those who?ve suffered most from the conflict in Syria, educating us through both outrage and compassion.

Read review Peter Debruge
The Guardian

In doing so, Heineman may have made the definitive contemporary documentary about the tragedy of Syria, as well as an epoch-defining piece on modern media tactics.

Read review Charlie Phillips
Screen Daily

'City of Ghosts' shows us the power of media to bring the grim truth about life under ISIS to the world, even when under a death sentence.

Read review David D'Arcy