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Creed II's user reviews

New York Times

'Creed II' affirms two great truths of our pop-cultural moment: that Michael B. Jordan is currently the ascendant American male movie star and that the revived 'Rocky' franchise is the only heroic Hollywood multisequel narrative worth caring about.

Read review A. O. Scott
Time Out

The people making this movie know all the beats they have to hit, and hit them they do, jab by jab. If the results aren?t as artful as those by 'Creed' director Ryan Coogler (Steven Caple Jr. steps in), they still feel earned.

Read review Joshua Rothkopff
Los Angeles Times

'Creed II', the rare sequel that doesn?t wind up feeling like the same old mistake.

Read review Justin Chang
Rolling Stone

Sequel to 2015 ?Rocky? spin-off reminds you why Michael B. Jordan is a movie star, even if it wins on points and not a K.O.

Read review David Fear
Entertainment Weekly

We?re now officially eight movies deep into the 'Rocky' saga. Shocking, I know. But just when you thought that every last nook and cranny of that universe had been strip-mined for narrative fodder, along comes 'Creed II'.

Read review Chris Nashawaty

While 'Creed II' doesn?t suffer from as much "sequel-itis" as other 'Rocky' forebears, the virus of redundancy lingers.

Read review Eric Kohn

Michael B. Jordan's ferocious performance anchors a sequel that's rousing and effective but lacks the powerful punch of the first 'Creed'.

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The Hollywood Reporter

Nothing here has been freshly thought out, nor is there a drop of surprise as to the story's trajectory, forcing the viewer to tolerate conventional emotional beats and stale plot contrivances.

Read review Todd McCarthy