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Original Title: Dennis Skinner: Nature of the Beast

Country: UK

Genre: Documentary


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Release Dates

United Kingdom: September 08 2017

United States:


Ranking: 11,990 out of 12,803 movies (up 3299)


The production company Shut Out The Light has made a documentary about the socialist, trade unionist and Labour politician, Dennis Skinner. Nature of the Beast tells the story of how this man, who was taken raised alongside nine siblings within a mining village, transformed in a leading figure on the fight about rights of working class for over 50 years. Dennis, well-known like a Beast of Bolsover, is feared by the both of side of House of Commons. It is considered a uncompromising person and he has great principles which are incorruptible. In this documentary shows what lies behind of his passion and what way had taken him to be minister nowadays, in the place which he is a well-known British's politician.


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The director Daniel Draper supported the develops of this movie through the next link on Kickstarter: