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ÚLTIMA HORA Así suena 'Reír', la canción con la que Levi Díaz representa a España en Eurovisión Junior 2021

'Desierto' trivia and fun facts

Title 'Desierto' is the translation of the word 'Desert'.
Winner in Taormina The film directed by the Alfonso Cuarón son, Jonás Cuarón, was crowned like the winner of the 62 edition of the festival of Taormina, celebrated in Sicilia (Italy).
Something real The director of the film, Jonás Cuaron, admitted that his story could come true again. The film deals with some illegal Mexicans who try to cross the american border when they are stunned by a shooter that enjoys hunting these immigrants. According to Cuarón, the film's theme became more important when Donald Trump was elected president of the United States; the american tycoon has shown a great disdain for Mexicans, whom he has described on notable occasions as "rapists" and "drug dealers".