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Destroyer's user reviews

The Playlist

As 'Destroyer' progresses, Kidman peels back Erin?s scars one after the other and you see the soul of a woman trying to make things right any way she knows how.

Read review Gregory Ellwood

Nicole Kidman goes dark - and nearly unrecognizable - in a role that all but obliterates the idea that audiences require likable protagonists (...) destroys the standard confines of what an actress can do on-screen

Read review Peter Debruge

Maintains a fascinating thematic focus (...) The movie features a structural complexity that becomes increasingly clear

Read review Eric Kohn
The Hollywood Reporter

Nicole Kidman with a challenging role that takes her to a variety of extreme places, both physical and mental (...) As ambitious and sometimes unsettling as it is, the film, after crossing back and forth over the line many times

Read review Todd McCarthy

Read review Daniel Martínez Mantilla
The Wrap

Is this the best performance of Kidman?s career? It very well might be. That alone is a reason to see ?Destroyer.? But there are other reasons, including the film?s crackling action sequences and suspense

Read review Sasha Stone
Entertainment Weekly

Kidman, to her credit, goes all in, but it?s hard to ignore the neon sign over her head that keeps flashing "See? I?m Acting!".

Read review Leah Greenblatt
The Guardian

Kidmans transformation and some timeframe trickery can?t mask a plot that feels rather empty (...) It?s a mechanical noir dressed up as something more substantial and this is especially felt in an ending that drowns in unearned profundity

Read review Benjamin Lee