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Dumped's user reviews


"The starting point of this new version of a Danish comedy does not seem like much and the staging is not particularly striking either, so it's striking that the film works."

Read review Federico Marín Bellón

"It does not promise much imagination or rupture, but what lacks staging or visual invoice makes up for it with a stubbornly sharp script."

Read review Daniel de Partearroyo
El País

"It hides an effervescent mischievous spirit and, in a way, against the current, covered in some very good dialogues and the good taste of the director to shoot."

Read review Javier Ocaña
El Periódico

"A succession of situations that are almost painful because of the desperation that they show in their search for the joke, and that are burdened by the abusive use of cliché and rough caricature."

Read review Nando Salvà

"Eloïse Lang does not get rid of the hackneyed resources of the bourgeois comedy: the series of disastrous misfortunes, the abuse of gags, characters stereotyped to excess, the predictability in the development of the film."

Read review María Caballero
El Mundo

"Everything so perfectly foreseeable that it gives in simple worry, in parody of comedy, in vacations of the vacations".

Read review Luis Martínez