El año del descubrimiento

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Title: El año del descubrimiento

Original Title: El año del descubrimiento

Year: 2020



1992 is highly-regarded as a great year for Spain. The Universal Exposition of Seville and the Olympics Games of Barcelona introduces the modernity and the development of the country to the rest of the world. Nevertheless, there is another half to this year. Inside of a bar in Cartagena, a group of young and unemployed people talks about their worries while they are eating and drinking. The topic where everyone end up is the other sido of that year: The riots due to the industrial crisis of 1992 and how these culminate in the burning of the Regional Parlament of the city.

'El año del descubrimiento' makes a reference to the V Centenary of the discovery of America, which is linked to the Expo of Seville, but the main theme of this documentary is something different. The movie talks about the protests due to the closer of several factories in Cartagena through the testimonies of 45 who lives in the streets of the city. 'El año del descubrimiento' is the second long film of Luis López Carrasco. The filmmaker works in this project after the success of 'El Futuro', a movie about Spain in the 80s.

'El año del descubrimiento' is produced by LaCima Producciones with the help of Alina Films. This documentary won the Work In Progress of Abycine Lanza and it is distributed in Spain by Begin Again.


  • 2021 Goya Awards: 2 2
  • 2021 Feroz Awards: 4 1

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