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Year: 2017
Original Title: Errementari. El herrero y el diablo
Length: 98 minutes
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Studios: Pokeepsie Films, Gariza Films


Ranking: 2,058 out of 15,990 movies (up 620)


5.7 by 3 users

7.0 by Movie'n'co

6.3 by 2 media


Alex de la Iglesia presents Errementari (the devil and blacksmith) a story set 10 years after the first spanish Carlist War (1833) where in a small town of Alaba a government commissioner called Alfredo investigates a new case of a mysterious blacksmith's deep in the woods. There lives a dangerous and weird blacksmith called Patxi and there are a lot of dark and satanic stories about him until an orphan child, Usue goes into the woods and discovers the truth about the story behind the blacksmith myth and the horror stories everyone tells around town. The film is the debut of the director Paul Urkijo Alijo and, the economic support of ICAA and Basque Government and it is inspired in a traditional basque story called "Patxi Errementaria"


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The idea of 'Errementari (the blacksmith and the devil)' is inspired in a traditional basque child story called "Patxi Errementaria" which tell the story about an evil blacksmith who is feared even by the Demon itself. In the film based in XIX century they use a lost dialect of euskera language and they had to hire an investigator and linguist Koldo Zuazo.