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Everybody Wants Some!!'s user reviews


Linklater indulges his characters? antics with such wild, free-flowing affection that you might miss the thoughtful undertow of this delightful movie: Few filmmakers have so fully embraced the bittersweet joy of living in the moment ? one that?s all the more glorious because it fades so soon.

Read review Justin Chang

'Everybody Wants Some!!' offers a mature and crystal-clear voice, a filmmaker of enormous muscle who makes it all look ridiculously easy.

Read review Drew McWeeny

Endlessly charming and sneakily wise, 'Everybody Wants Some' epitomizes Linklater's unique ability to magnify human behavior with levity.

Read review Eric Kohn
The Hollywood Reporter

It's as honest and clear-eyed about the past as its predecessor, another in a filmography of unpredictable gems. It may be most like 'Dazed and Confused' in that the public could take a while to appreciate it for what it is.

Read review John DeFore

He has strengthened his narrative transparency without losing his capacity of observation for telling detail and ability to build characters with effective and concise line.

Read review Jordi Costa
El Mundo

It's nostalgia, pure and simple, undistilled. (...) An almost folkloric but with a delicious tone of self-parody (...) small wonder eulogy.

Read review Toni García
The Wrap

May not achieve the lasting status of some of Linklater?s more acclaimed work, but there is something wonderful in watching a movie remain joyfully plotless.

Read review Sam Fragoso
Los Angeles Times

The ostensible college comedy 'Everybody Wants Some!!' is like a stream that looks shallow but once you're in the middle of it reveals an unforeseen depth.

Read review Mark Olsen
The Telegraph

The characters often come across as immature dolts, but the film?s humane enough to recognise that?s all part of being 18.

Read review Robbie Collin
Chicago Sun-Times

Linklater introduces us to an abundance of characters, but it?s a tribute to his writing (and the performances) that each of the baseball players has a distinct personality and story thread.

Read review Richard Roeper
New York Times

'Everybody Wants Some' is more than just nostalgic. It?s downright utopian, a hormonal pastoral endowed with the innocent charm of a children?s book. There are plenty of movies about lust-addled youth, but it?s unusual to find one that feels truly wholesome.

Read review A.O. Scott
El País

Linklater filmed with unprecedented authenticity his love letter to music, the football and the pinballs, (...) as if we were really to be in a 1980 film.

Read review Javier Ocaña

'All Right , All Right , All Right' . The spirit of 'Danzed and Confused' reaches in the 80s. Vicious, smiling and with an unforgettable character (...).

Read review Carlos Marañón

'Everybody Wants Some!!' is a seemingly straightforward picture that?s surprisingly stealthy in capturing the joy and exaltation of being an almost-adult but still feeling young, of messing around and messing up, of waiting and hoping for the chance to meet a guy or girl you really like.

Read review Stephanie Zacharek
The Guardian

If the lads were insufferable misogynistic pricks, 'Everybody Wants Some!!' would make for horrible viewing. Thankfully they?re all intensely lovable.

Read review Nigel M. Smith
Screen Daily

Linklater does connect you with the fun that he must have had in those days. If you can take the testosterone, you?ll have a good time.

Read review David D'Arcy