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'Freak Show' trivia and fun facts

Persuaded Bette Midler did not want to do another film and repeatedly turned down offers to appear in 'Freak Show'. She was finally convinced to at least read the script and immediately said "I'll do it."
'Orange Is the New Black' Laverne Cox and Lorraine Toussaint previously co-starred in 'Orange Is the New Black'.
Committed to her work AnnaSophia Robb was attending NYU during filming and would shoot her scenes around her class schedule. She wanted to take part in the film despite the demands of school because she felt it was an interesting and important story to tell.
Substitute filmmaker Trudie Styler took over directing when the original director had to drop out due to personal conflicts.
Coincidences Filmed in 2015, Lynette was given the line "Make America great again" as a joke, which became more poignant after Donald Trump won the US presidency.