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'Glass' trivia and fun facts

Superheroes Alliterations Alliterations are frequently seen in the names of comic book characters (Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, etc.). 'Glass' follows this theme with superhero David Dunn and supervillain Kevin Crumb.
Alliance Disney-Universal This crossover has been possible because Buena Vista, a Disney arm that owns the rights for '[UNBREAKABLE]', and Universal, that has the rights for '[SPLIT]', decided to work together. Buena Vista distributes the movie worldwide, while Universal does it in the United States.
Announced via Twitter After the completely unexpected end of '[SPLIT]', Shyamalan dad to announce this project after not much time has passed since the release of his previous movie. He did in his Twitter account on 26/04/2017.
Saoirse Ronan James McAvoy based one of his 23 personalities on a young Saoirse Ronan, as both had worked together on the film 'Atonement'.
Never seen before scenes This film includes never seen before scenes from 'Unbreakable', a film that was released almost 19 years before this one.
Real locations All the scenes that were shot on the psychiatric institution were the main characters are locked were filmed on an actual mental institution.