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Hardcore Henry's user reviews

The Hollywood Reporter

Hardcore blasts along like a supercharged computer-game shoot-em-up, bursting with sick humor and splatterpunk violence.

Read review Stephen Dalton
The Guardian

Naishuller?s technique is one that could be well served as a shorter gimmick; a solitary action scene in a larger film. Hardcore is unrelenting and unforgiving in its commitment to be loud, fast, destructive and gross.

Read review Jordan Hoffman

Hardcore feels like umpteen post-?Star Wars? action blockbusters trash-compacted into one ? and whether that fundamentally appeals or not, the ingenuity of effort is undeniably high.

Read review Dennis Harvey
New York Times

Its dour eccentricity gives 'Hardcore Henry' a potency above and beyond that of standard-issue show-off action fare. That doesn?t mean it?s not still obnoxious, though.

Read review Glenn Kenny