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Hounds Of Love's user reviews

Los Angeles Times

But this film is not for viewers with weak stomachs, and it makes for a frankly punishing way to spend 108 minutes as the dread ratchets to an unrelenting pitch that never eases up and verges on nausea-inducing for the easily triggered.

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New York Times

Mr. Young has called the film a thesis on the psychology of destructive relationships (John exerts an abusive, Svengali-like influence over Evelyn).

Read review Ben Keisenberg
The Hollywood Reporter

The film's big problem ? and it will be a categorical deal-breaker for many ? is that even though Young continues to suggest more than he shows in terms of the sexual abuse and other violence, an unsavory whiff of torture-porn arises as Vicki's confinement grinds on and on

Read review David Rooney