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How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World's user reviews


The visuals outdo anything we?ve seen before, to such a degree that we might almost overlook the subtler innovations in the character animation: the nuances of expression on both the human and reptilian faces, and the wonderful nonverbal tactics these artists use to convey emotional intricacies neither Hiccup nor Toothless have had to communicate before, all of which pays off in an unforgettable final scene.

Read review Peter Debruge
The Hollywood Reporter

'How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World' is a tender, spirited coming-of-age CG-animated feature that proves every bit as emotionally resonant and artistically rendered as its 2010 and 2014 predecessors, if not even more so.

Read review Michael Rechtshaffen

DreamWorks Animation?s most heartfelt series bows out with a beautifully designed finale, but the long-awaited emotional goodbyes for its beloved central duo don?t quite soar.

Read review Ben Travis
The Wrap

As DeBlois engineers this tale towards an expectedly exciting and poignant conclusion, one realizes how well that cleverly misdirecting title How to Train Your Dragon has morphed from literal to figurative, from being about command and obeisance to handling the turmoil within.

Read review Robert Abele

The animation itself is striking ? an early sequence in which the sky is filled with dragons is an early sign of the visual treats to come ? and ends up being the film?s highlight.

Read review Michael Nordine
The Guardian

All the fire and lifeblood of this idea has been sucked out and we are left with something bland.

Read review Peter Bradshaw