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Última hora Comunicado de la UER sobre las irregularidades de los votos en Eurovisión, Chanel se mantiene 3ª

In a Lonely Place's user reviews

Roger Ebert

"Carefully constructed by Bogart, who produced it [...]. This is a crisp black-and-white film with an almost ruthless efficiency of style"

Read review Roger Ebert

"The most complex characterisation of Bogart's career is the centrepiece of this involved and sophisticated film noir [...]. Tremendously effective"

Read review William Thomas
The New Yorker

"One of the darkest, harshest, and most devastating love stories ever made [...]. Few movies suggest such a forthright flaying of the director?s soul"

Read review Richard Brody

"Director Nicholas Ray maintains nice suspense. Bogart is excellent. Gloria Grahame, as his romance, also rates kudos"

Read review Variety