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Última hora Naya Rivera de 'Glee' muere a los 33 años


Year: 1956
Original Title: Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Length: 80 minutes
Genre: Science fiction, Horror
Age rating: Parental guidance

Release Dates

United States: February 05 1956


Ranking: 6,647 out of 16,014 movies (up 1217)


8.3 by 6 users


A doctor in a small California town whose patients are becoming hysterical and accuse their loved ones as emotionless imposters. Plant-like extra-terrestrials have invaded Earth, replicating the villagers in giant seed "pods" and taking position of their souls while they sleep. Realizing that the epidemic is out of control, in a terrifying race for his life, he escapes to warn the world of the deadly invasion of the pod people.


Cast Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy

Dr. Miles J. Bennell

Dana Wynter

Dana Wynter

Becky Driscoll