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Kubo and the Two Strings's user reviews

The Hollywood Reporter

"The stop-motion animation studio?s is an eye-popping delight that deftly blends colorful folklore with gorgeous, origami-informed visuals to immersive effect.

Read review Michael Rechtshaffen

"A lucky young misfit, this one a dark, yet thrilling adventure quest that stands as the crowning achievement in Laika's already impressive oeuvre"

Read review Peter Debruge
New York Post

"Despite a traditional-seeming quest for a suit of armor and a sword, the film?s intrinsic message is all about the transformative powers of music and love. It?s a movie the whole family can rock out to"

Read review Sara Stewart

"Staggeringly beautiful and immensely true, the best animated film of 2016 ? one of the year?s best films of any kind, really"

Read review David Ehrlich
USA Today

It is definitely the summer for talking animals taking over the cinema, but Kubo manages to rise above the rest of its peers with a wondrous coming-of-age tale full of ancient soul.

Read review Brian Truitt
The Guardian

"Little kids will be bored, as there are only a few scenes with any action, and of those, only one, featuring an enormous skeleton with swords sticking out of its skull, has any oomph"

Read review Jordan Hoffman