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Year: 2016
Original Title: La niña de la mina
Genre: Horror, Mistery


Ranking: 8,127 out of 16,430 movies (up 3307)


5.0 by 1 users


In Guatajuato, Mexico are taking place a serie of mysterious crimes and disappearances inside a mine, so with the last disappearance, two security experts decide to travel from United States to conduct an investigation into what is happening. What they do not know is that untreated normal crimes there is a dark legend that circulates among the tunnels of the mine, being responsible of the brutal crimes committed in it. At the moment they go inside, they will put their lives at risk trying to find the last missing girl. Will they be able to get out of there safe?. 'The Girl of Mine' is the directorial debut of Mexican Jorge Eduardo Ramirez, and stars Jose Angel Bichir, Regina Blandon, Gerardo Taracena and Eugenio Bartilotti among others.


Cast La niña de la mina