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La novia's user reviews

La Vanguardia

Paula Ortiz faces a daring challenge with no apparent way out, but that far exceeds (...) The bride gravitates this scenic tragedy and therefore the character required an exceptional actress

Read review Lluís Bonet Mojica
El Mundo

If Lorca make a mythology played a surreal South carnal force; Ortiz, two steps forward, play "to Lorc" to own Lorca (...) Purely Ortiz. Get carried away

Read review Luis Martínez
El País

This film is prim, pretty in the more subjective sense, allegedly stylish, where the bikes chasing horses and men fight with knives glass-like Swarovski (...) Still, 'La novia' is essential

Read review Javier Ocaña

This Bride Paula Ortiz, who adapted 'Bodas de Sangre' is not a feminist claim, not a passionate ode to wild and crazy love. The bride is a beautiful bride Ortiz, who says with conviction verse, which is carried away by the beauty of the word and translates it into the beauty of abstract landscapes.

Read review Nuria Vidal

Everything in 'La novia' is perfect, but that at times play against emotion. From the relentless protagonist, Inma Cuesta, born for the role, pure Spanish tear. Passing by actors

Read review Andrea G. Bermejo