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'Ladies-in-black' trivia and fun facts

Joining superheroes The film's young star, Angourie Rice, portrays Betty in the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies.
A rejected role Ukrainian-born actress Milla Jovovich was considered to play the important role of Magda. However she later decided to not take on the role, because she was offered a higher paid role in 'Future World'.
Eurovision vibes Kate Miller-Heidke, who was the Australian representative in Eurovision 2019, appears in a cameo as the night club singer
Looking back Mr. Ryder, the concierge of Goodes Department Store, was Friedrich Von Trapp in 'The Sound of Music'.
Fiction store Whilst Goodes department store is a fictional business it is loosely based on the Australian department store chain David Jones Limited.
Another link with superheroes Nicholas Hammond, who plays Mr. Ryder, was Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the live action Spider-Man TV series in the 70's.
The clock was ticking The department store scenes were shot on the 7th floor of the David Jones building in the Sydney CBD. The 7th floor had remained disused for many years and still looked just as it did in 1959. The film crew only had one day to film these scenes as the next day renovations were due to begin on the building and the 7th floor would be inaccessible.