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Life videos and trailers

Interview with Rebecca Ferguson ('Life')

Interview with Rebecca Ferguson, who is cast in 'Life' as Miranda. She tells us about her experience in the film.

'Life' Spanish Spot #4

A group of astronauts tries to avoid the arrival of a new dangerous life form to the Earth.

'Life' Spanish Spot #3

A group of astronauts face a very strong and intelligent space creature.

'Life' Spanish Clip: "All Muscles, All Brain"

An astronaut studying a strange new life form gets his hand squeezed when the alien trapes it.

'Life' Trailer For Mature Audience

'Life' new trailer with strong visual content that might hurt some audience's sensibilities.

Spot TV 'Life': The End

New TV spot about 'Life'

'Life' Trailer: "Fear Life"

Astronaut researchers investigating new life forms in Mars will face severe problems when they discover the alien.

'Life' Trailer: "Extinction"

Scientific astronauts discover that only one alien life form survived a mysterious extinction.

'Life' Extended Clip: "The Handshake"

While performing experiments on a new life form, the alien will trap the hand of one of the astronauts.

'Life (Vida)' Trailer #2

A strange creatures will threat the life on the Earth and all of the international space station's residents of 'Life'.

'Life' Big Game Spot

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds discover a very threatening new alien life form.

'Life' trailer (2017)

'Life' is starring by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. Is an space-set thriller about six-member of the International Space Station discovering the first evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars.