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'Lights Out' trivia and fun facts

Feature film debut of David F. Sandberg. However, he previously directed the original short that the film is based on.
Second collaboration between the two film companies Atomic Monster and New Line Cinema. The first one was 'Annabelle'.
Lotta Losten, star of the original short, returns for a role in this remake.
Teresa Palmer is the second Australian actress to lead a horror film produced by James Wan. The first one was Rose Byrne in 'Insidious'.
Handicrafts David F. Sandberg decided to focus on practical effects and avoided as much CGI as possible.
Mannequins The mannequins in the basement were not brought in for the movie. It was already placed there by the owner of the house.
Authentic light Director David Sandberg aimed to use as much authentic lighting for the film as possible and some scenes are only lit by candlelights or fluorescent tubes.