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Year: 2016

Original Title: Love is thicker than water

Country: UK

Length: 105 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Release Dates

United Kingdom: December 02 2017

United States:


Ranking: 11,674 out of 14,471 movies (up 957)


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Is there anything more classic than the story of an impossible love? Same pure style of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet', the beginning of the relationship between Arthur (Johnny Flynn) and Vida (Lydia Wilson) is completely tempestuous. He's a poor Welsh student that has his whole life ahead, but nothing that gives him stability or guarantees. She is, instead, daughter of very wealthy parents. Their worlds are different, but that won't change a things. After all, the world of feelings is very complex and, occasionally, is precisely that difference what impulses the attraction between two people. Will their love be exposed to failure since the moment it started or is there some possibility for success on their fight against the elements?

Cast Love is thicker than water