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Luis and The Aliens's user reviews

Los Angeles Times

It?s a silly, fairly rote animated film, but underneath the hijinks and mishaps is a rather devastatingly sad story. It?s this poignancy that makes 'Luis & the Aliens' a step above the rest.

Read review Katie Walsh
El Mundo

The adventures of Luis and his new friends from outer space develop with a childish humour and a high quality, with the German production determined to recreate a residential neighbourhood typically American. There's care in the costumbrist detail as well as in references to genre comedies: of course, the main aesthetic influence comes from Pixar, but there are also some from 'Ghostbusters', 'Edward Scissorhands' or 'Men in Black'.

Read review Francisco Marinero
The Guardian

This really is all influences with nothing added. The script throws in one or two decent adult-orientated jokes. When the aliens first spot Earth on their radar, it?s identified as a planet in a backwards corner of the universe, a former toxic waste dump from which a primitive a life form emerged: humans. It?s mostly harmless, though there are some unforgivably lazy character stereotypes.

Read review Cath Clarke
The Hollywood Reporter

Picky viewers will complain that the film's animation moves clumsily, its character design is dull and several performances feel like they were hastily recorded while taking a coffee break from some better-paying ADR session.

Read review John DeFore
Cine Premiere

'Luis and The Aliens' is an easy movie that stays in its comfort zone. Nonetheless, that doesn't take the sympathy, emotion and fun out of it. A good option for a family day at the cinema.

Read review Amanda Adame
El Periódico

Aesthetically simple and even naïve, although with slight formal influences from Pixar, it tells the story of a relationship between a boy and three loving and fluffy aliens that the kid will help find the necessary materials to go back to their planet. It has some remnants from the Spielberg movie, of course, although in a much more domestic key.

Read review Quim Casas

'Luis & the Aliens' is an attempt of 'E.T.' filtered by 'Planet 51', whose visual simplicity, well-known themes and easy entertainment are tasteless in the post-Pixar animation.

Read review Janire Zurbano