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Year: 2018
Original Title: Malicious
Length: 90 minutes
Genre: Horror, Thriller


Ranking: 12,368 out of 15,984 movies (up 1275)


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Lisa and Adam are a just married couple waiting for their first children. Because of the increase in the family number, they decided to move to a apparently normal house. However, the attempt of lisa to have a quiet life while she's pregnant get frustrated when a series on paranormal events took place. The events are so spooky that Lisa has an abortion. The doctor even say to them that Lisa will never be able to have another children. but that's not the worst thing, because when they return home find a disgraceful surprise. Directed by Michael Winnick ('Code of honor'), this horror film is starred by Bojana Novakovic ('Drag me to hell'), Josh Stewart ('The collector'), Delroy Lindo ('The core') and Melissa Bolona ('The hurricane heist').

Cast Malicious