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Year: 2018
Original Title: Mandy
Length: 121 minutes
Genre: Thriller, Action
Age rating: Suitable only for adults
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: October 12 2018

United States: September 14 2018


Ranking: 3,492 out of 15,222 movies (up 823)


6.5 by 6 users

7.0 by Movie'n'co

8.1 by 9 media


'Mandy' is set in the primal wilderness of 1983 where Red Miller, a broken and haunted man hunts an unhinged religious sect who slaughtered the love of his life. Miller will forge his own axe and will make his way towards violence, blood and a lot of action against the savage members of the sect that will confront him with knives, swords and chainsaws. The director Panos Cosmatos debuted in the cinema with 'Beyond the Black Rainbow', which although it is a film very unknown to many, is already a cult work for others, and his next film promises not to leave the audience indifferent. A new film that will divide the audience in which, for many, is 2018's greatest cult movie and Nicholas Cage "best performance to date".


Cast Mandy

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

Red Miller

Andrea Riseborough

Andrea Riseborough

Mandy Bloom

Linus Roache

Linus Roache

Jeremiah Sand

Ned Dennehy

Ned Dennehy

Brother Swan

Richard Brake

Richard Brake

The Chemist



Trivia Mandy

At the beginning, Panos Cosmatos only offered Cage the role of Jeremiah, the cult leader, but the actor was only interested in Red. The director explained him that this movie was about a two generations fight, and Red's character was supposed to belong to a younger actor. A time later, Elijah Wood, producer, convinced Cosmatos to let Cage perform Red. It is the last soundtrack that the composer Jóhann Jóhannsson ('Arrival', 'Sicario') created before dying. There are many similarities between Jeremiah Sand and Charles Manson. Manson was also a frustrated musician who took it very personally when his art was questioned. Sand also refers to his victims as "pigs," as the real-life cult leader did. Both cults used psychedelic drugs before killing someone.