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Year: 2019
Original Title: Memory: The Origins of Alien
Length: 95 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Studios: Exhibition On Screen

Release Dates

United Kingdom: August 30 2019

United States: January 24 2019


Ranking: 3,884 out of 15,397 movies (up 391)


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Dan O'Bannon started to write the script in 1971 but he wasn't able to write more than the 29th page. After rethinking the idea for years, he found the solution in one of the most well-known science fiction products of all times: Aliens: The Eight Passenger, by the filmmaker Ridley Scott. The documentary reveals the never-told story that takes the origin of this movie, trying to explore the xenomorphs. There are never before-seen materials such as images behind the scenes or original notes from the director. Bridging the ancient world with Ridley Scott's complex futuristic universe through a mix of distinctly low-fi VHS aesthetic and stunning 4k Cinemascope aspect ratio footage, Memory is a wholly original take on one of Hollywood?s most beloved and iconic shockers.