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Year: 2019
Original Title: Memory: The Origins of Alien
Length: 95 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Studios: Exhibition On Screen

Release Dates

United Kingdom: August 30 2019

United States: January 24 2019


Ranking: 5,510 out of 15,712 movies (up 721)


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Screenwriter Dan O'Bannon sat down to write a science fiction script under the working title of 'Star Beast' in 1971 but he wasn't able get beyond than the 29th page. O'Bannon was a lifelong science-fiction fan, gorging on 1950s horror and Lovecraftian novels since his childhood in rural Missouri, a diet which led to several sci-fi works of his own. After rethinking the 'Star Beast' idea for years and going on to write other science fiction films such as 'Dark Star' and 'Dune', he finally stumbled upon the solution and created one of the most well-known science fiction films of all time: Alien, directed by visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott. The documentary explores how Ridley Scott harnessed ancient fears and images drummed into our minds by classic and pop culture to create aliens that played on our own uncanny nightmares. It reveals the never-before-told story of the origin of this 1979 cult classic, drawing on exclusive behind-the-scene images and original notes from the director. 'Memory: The Origins of alien' is directed by filmmaker and self-confessed cinephile Alexandre O. Philippe, whose other documentaries include '78-52', which focuses on the famous shower scene in Hitchcock's 'Psycho' and 'The People vs. George Lucas'. Hide full plot... Show full plot