'Migration' trivia and fun facts

Same day

The first teaser for the film came around on the same day as the release of Illumination's previous film 'Super Mario Bros.: La película' (2023).

First time together

This is the first collaboration between composer John Powell and director Benjamin Renner.

Banks without lego

Elizabeth Banks' first animated film outside the LEGO Movie films.

Jump to the big screen

Carol Kane's first theatrically released animated film, after previous ones she'd been in were straight to video/dvd and TV films.

Michael Key's second

Keegan-Michael Key's 2nd Illumination film, after 'Super Mario Bros.: La película' (2023) released earlier the same year.

DeVito with Illumination

Danny DeVito's 2nd Illumination film, after 'Lorax: En busca de la trúfula perdida' (2012).

Bird voice

Keegan-Michael Key's 4th time voicing a bird, after 'Angry Birds. La película' (2016), 'Se armó el belén' (2017), and 'Toy Story 4' (2019).

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