'Migration' trivia and fun facts

Same day

The first teaser for the film came around on the same day as the release of Illumination's previous film 'Super Mario Bros.: La película' (2023).

Jump to the big screen

Carol Kane's first theatrically released animated film, after previous ones she'd been in were straight to video/dvd and TV films.

Bird voice

Keegan-Michael Key's 4th time voicing a bird, after 'Angry Birds. La película' (2016), 'Se armó el belén' (2017), and 'Toy Story 4' (2019).

Michael Key's second

Keegan-Michael Key's 2nd Illumination film, after 'Super Mario Bros.: La película' (2023) released earlier the same year.

Banks without lego

Elizabeth Banks' first animated film outside the LEGO Movie films.

DeVito with Illumination

Danny DeVito's 2nd Illumination film, after 'Lorax: En busca de la trúfula perdida' (2012).

First time together

This is the first collaboration between composer John Powell and director Benjamin Renner.

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