My name is Violeta
My name is Violeta

'My name is Violeta' trivia and fun facts

Past, present and future

Leyre and Iván are the representation of the decisions that Violeta (present) will have to do in the future, while Silvia and Carla are the past represented in their testimonies.

Political figures

In this documentary we can see Carla Delgado, the first transexual deputy in the Madrid Assembly.

A big event

'My name is Violeta' is the first feature released in Spain that treats the transexuality in children.

The dictatorship cruelness

Silvia Reyes, an pioneer activistic, suffered in her own skin the cruelness and the repression of Franco's dictatorship, which leaded the trangender people to the marginality and the prostitution.

A real story

The documentary is based in the history of Violeta, the daughter of the actor Nacho Vidal and her ex-wife Franceska Jaimes.

Heads or tails

Violeta's experience is a successful case, but the film also reflects a failed case: Alan's case, a minor guy that committed suicide after suffering scholar bullying.

From pages to the screen

Violeta's history have been already told, specifically, in a comic. With the same name than the documentary, the novel tells the story of Violeta, a boy that feels like a girl, in her first teenage love.

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