'Nefarious' trivia and fun facts

Promoter cameo

Glenn Beck plays in a cameo at the end. Beck was one of the first notable people to promote and champion the book, "A Nefarious Plot," which eventually helped lead to it being greenlit.

Prequel to two novels

It is a prequel to the novels 'A Nefarious Plot' (2016) and 'A Nefarious Carol' (2020) by Steve Deace.

Experienced actor

Sean Patrick Flanery previously portrayed a person with an mental disability possessed by an evil force in 'The Evil Within' (2017).

Flanery Top 3

Sean Patrick Flanery considered this to be among the top three films he was most proud of making.

No improvisation

Sean Patrick Flanery explained in an interview that the script was so well-written that there was no improvisation from him, except for "Maybe two syllables."

Author cameo

At 45:13 of the movie, when Dr. Martin is talking to the guard, there is an article on the computer monitor announcing a new Superintendent of the Board of Prisons. The man in the photo is Steve Deace, author of the novel on which he is based.

Movie objective

Author Steve Deace has stated that the goal of this movie is to "Scare the hell into people."

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