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Nomis's user reviews

The Guardian

"This crime thriller, with its lurid serial-killer conceit and a cast peppered with talents who must have just needed the money, is a nostalgic throwback to those straight-to-video guilty pleasures of yore".

Read review Leslie Falperin
Roger Ebert

"The most annoying thing about a movie that?s simultaneously as preachy and grim as 'Night Hunter' isn?t that it?s ideologically repugnant, but that it?s also dramatically inert and actively unpleasant".

Read review Simon Abrams
The Hollywood Reporter

"The film?s starry cast will be a strong selling point, but a plot that?s overly complicated rather than genuinely complex may leave audiences wishing for less incident and more clarity".

Read review Justin Lowe

"It isn't short of ideas, but the relatively brief running time provides little opportunity for any of them to develop into a coherent narrative, to say nothing of any semblance of character development that might have made it engaging".

Read review David Hughes
The Wrap

"'Nomis' is much more comfortable with attractive women seen as vulnerable pawns so the many bullish male figures can be take-charge heroes, and that kind of retrograde damsel mindset is ultimately more dispiriting in a movie like this than any eye-roll-worthy twist or sloppy thriller mechanics.

Read review Robert Abele