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Cine Premiere

""A meticulous study of the influences and the gray eminences that walk in the wings of the high spheres of the French Republic. (...) It offers a disenchanted vision of the alleged gender equality that governs the circles of power."

Read review Aurélie Dupire
The Hollywood Reporter

A well-perfromed if unwieldy feminist drama.

Read review Jordan Mintzer
El Mundo

"With certain doses of black humor and an unmistakable feminist background, Marshall sets up a story that brings to light the miseries and the goings-on of the powerful."

Read review Alberto Luchini
El País

"Fascinating in his portrayal of power, where the public and the private intermingle through the famous revolving doors and the payment of favors."

Read review Javier Ocaña

"Fear, doubt and vulnerability intermingle with the strength and determination of women in the solid interpretation of Devos, there is no feminist proclamation more effective and powerful than that."

Read review Janire Zurbano
El Periódico

"It deals with too many characters, intrigues and subplots to delve into any of them as they deserve, but still offers a reasonably intriguing ride."

Read review Nando Salvá