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On the basis of sex's user reviews

Entertainment Weekly

A suitably inspiring biopic despite its narrative unevenness and occasional reliance on schmaltz, seeks to show audiences the origin story of a cultural icon.

Read review Maureen Lee Lenker
The Guardian

'On the Basis of Sex' is a solid, often impassioned film, but too often its worst instincts take over, and cliches stack up faster than legal documents.

Read review Benjamin Lee
The Wrap

Though the film does play it safe, and falls to a formulaic narrative, the flaws are less within the film itself than in our expectation of what we want it to tell us.

Read review Yolanda Machado
The Hollywood Reporter

The conventional connect-the-dots approach and less-than-ideal casting of the leading role keep the film from being something more than a proficient but ordinary account of an extraordinary career.

Read review Todd McCarthy

With few modifications, 'On the Basis of Sex' could have been made 30 years ago, and its rousing portrait of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg would be a cheesy tearjerker with purpose. Today, it's out of touch.

Read review Eric Kohn

This well-intentioned movie is a somewhat flawed one: its pace is a little slack, and sometimes it feels too predictably prepackaged. But Jones and Hammer keep the picture moving even through its shakier phases.

Read review Stephanie Zacharek

For those not blessed with such courageous figures, Ginsburg's story will be especially inspirational, making it relatively easy to forgive a few manipulative and melodramatic touches in the telling.

Read review Peter Debruge