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Orbita's user reviews


It seems as if the risk doses were reduced to their minimum, something that we can appreciate in the atmospheric designs when it comes to portray the universe we are in, and also in the necessity of betting for romance when there are more than enough symbolic elements to elaborate a tale about the destruction of moral values of present and future society.

Read review Beatriz Martínez
El Periódico

'Orbita 9' has a big handicap that is unable to solve: its lack of definition as a proposal.

Read review Beatriz Martínez

The initial approaches are surprising, with that unknown future, and the script takes that away with the gag or a romance and a brutal and unexpected genre swap.

Read review Oti Rodríguez Marchante
El Mundo

Choke, shock, surprise... those are some of the emotions that the movie tries to bring to us, but with no results. And this is because we already know, thanks to the syonpsis and the trailer that it was an experiment all along, and that the young woman is actually on earth. What if we didn't know? That's the question.

Read review Janire Zurbano
El País

The chosen physical appearance for the crazy scientist played by Andrés Parra, with that stubble, those glasses and that hairstyle, closer to an 'Austin Powers' parody-alike than a complex-intended workpiece, is a huge mistake hardly understandable in a product that, besides all that, is worthy.

Read review Javier Ocaña