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Passengers videos and trailers

'Passengers' re-imagined by a fan

¿What mistakes has had 'Passengers'? A fan of movie starring by Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence answers.

I Woke Up Too Soon: 'Passengers' Clip

James Preston, Chris Pratt's character, starring this clip of the science fiction film 'Passengers'.

Passengers Vlog: Observatorio

'Passengers' will hit Spanish cinemas on December 30th. This video explains how was created the Avalon ship where the protagonists of the film are traveling.

Passengers Vlog: Jim

Chris Pratt talks about Jim, who wakes up in Avalon with destination to populate another planet.

"Colgado con Chris Pratt" 'Passengers' Featurette #5

Featurette of 'Passengers': To play their part, the protagonists of the movie Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, have had to hang from a few strings on numerous occasions.

Awake: Passengers Clip

Amazing clip of 'Passengers': film starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

"Lightbox" 'Passengers' Featurette #4

'Passengers's featurette with Chris Pratt. The actor explains how they recreate the space with lightbox.

'Passengers': Vlog Robots Featurette #3

'Passengers' Featurette: Chris Pratt explains which function have the robots in the film.

'Passengers' Event Trailer

Danger hurry along Jim and Aurora because the ship where they live is in serious danger that they will have to face.

'Passengers' Clip: Gravity Loss

Jennifer Lawrence's character suffers the effects of gravity loss in a swimming pool in this first clip of the movie.

'Passengers' Featurette #2

Featurette with spanish subtitles of the film 'Passengers'. This video reviews the place where the movie was shot.

'Passengers' Featurette with Chris Pratt

Featurette of 'Passengers' with Chris Pratt, one of the protagonists of the film. The actor explains some of the tricks of digital effects.

'Passengers' Teaser Trailer

A spacecraft carrying thousands of people, following the failure of one of its chambers sleep, two passengers wake up.

'Passengers' trailer

'Passengers' sci-fi movie trailer. Starring Chis Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence