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Peppermint's user reviews


Drably by-the-numbers (...) 'Peppermint' misfires from start to finish.

Read review Andrew Barker
The Hollywood Reporter

'Peppermint' lacks subtlety and anything even remotely resembling credibility, but like its heroine, it certainly gets the job done.

Read review Frank Scheck
Entertainment Weekly

It becomes obvious that this film has resigned itself to the cliched mediocrity one might have predicted from looking at its poster.

Read review Dana Schwartz
New York Times

'Peppermint' is a belabored exercise in lazily constructed déjà vu, without the grit or stylized ham of predecessors it so baldly steals from.

Read review Aisha Harris
Rolling Stone

'Peppermint' dissolves into a series of absurd sequences in which the goons basically line up so North can punch, stab, shoot or blow them up.

Read review Peter Travers

Jennifer Garner packs heat as a vigilante mom, but she deserves a better movie.

Read review Jude Dry